Lesson plans, ideas and classroom techniques

Lesson plans, activities, practical ideas and techniques for your TEFL classes, including this full lesson plan to teach “used to”, how to use songs in the classroom and some ideas for classroom warmers.

3 Great Ways to add Drama to an EFL Class

How to add drama to your EFL classes by using role plays and acting out scenes.

Three Fun Ideas for Teaching Grammar

Here are some ideas to help you make grammar teaching interesting, pleasant or at least as painless as possible.

Using pop songs in ESL

Songs have long been a favourite resource among EFL teachers. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of music in the classroom.

TEFL Activities with Little Preparation

10 ideas for activities that don't need a lot of preparation, and can be adapted to many different language points, giving you something that can be used again and again.

Fun EFL Class Projects

How projects such as class magazines and surveys can provide a welcome break from the norm for both teacher and students.

Interactive Story Telling

How to use interative story telling to practise both listening and speaking skills.

My Favourite EFL Classroom Warmers

An effective warmer could make the difference between an alert and participating class, and a group of zombies who decide to catch up on the sleep they missed out on from partying the night before.

Using Art in the ESL Classroom

Does art have a place in language learning? Children are naturally creative and respond to visual images, so art can assist a teacher with many aspects of teaching English.