Lesson plans, ideas and classroom techniques

Lesson plans, activities, practical ideas and techniques for your TEFL classes, including this full lesson plan to teach “used to”, how to use songs in the classroom and some ideas for classroom warmers.

“Used to” lesson plan

This is a one hour lesson suitable for intermediate level learners. It uses a listening text to set the context for eliciting the target language.

Passengers – a personalised listening activity

How can we improve on tasks like 'Listen to the conversation and identify the main topic' to make them more personalised and interactive? Here's one idea.

Writing – Story grids

This activity needs minimal preparation and can be used as a filler, as written practice of a grammar point or to practise writing in different genres.

Activity for Questions and Narrative Tenses

Use this activity either as a warmer or as a practice activity for forming yes/no questions, reported questions or narrative tenses.

James Bond TEFL lesson plan: Infinitives of purpose

Here’s an intermediate level Bond-based lesson plan using scenes from Casino Royale, focusing on 'so that…' and 'infinitives of purpose'.

Creating Materials for the EFL Classroom

How and why to adapt authentic materials to produce highly successful, dynamic EFL lessons.

How to Adapt Authentic Materials in English Language Teaching

Successfully utilizing authentic materials in your classroom is simply a matter of adapting those materials to suit the needs of your language learners.

How to use Roleplay in ESL

How and why to ease students into real world English with roleplay activities and simulations.

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Songs to Teach EFL

Songs contain authentic language, are easily obtainable, provide vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects and are fun.

How to use Cartoons and Comics in TEFL

Who doesn’t love cartoons and comics? They can be used in English language teaching in a number of ways. So what's the difference and how can we use them?

10 ways to use DVD and Video in Your ESL Class

Have you ever wondered how to use movies in your ESL classes, without just sitting your students down in front of the screen and hitting 'Play'?

Mind Maps in Language Learning

Why traditional note-taking may be ineffective, and using mind maps to help learners remember vocabulary may be a better way.