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Find a TEFL certification course in the Czech Republic. Read about teaching English in the Czech Republic.

Guide to TEFL in the Czech Republic

Czechs are well aware that their native language is not very widely spoken and are eager to learn foreign languages. Many companies offer it as a benefit to their employees, which provide a seemingly never-ending flow of students. To find English teaching work in the Czech Republic is as easy as it gets and getting legal is, despite a bit of red tape, comparatively stress-free, including for non-EU passport holders.

What types of teaching jobs are available in the Czech Republic?

You will likely start teaching for a few different language schools. They will offer you lessons and you can build up your own schedule. Later you may narrow the schools you work with down based on which you find easiest to work with, like best or find most convenient. Most teachers in the Czech Republic work as freelancers which means you are free to work for as many schools as you like for as many hours as you like. Not a morning person? No problem, grab the evening lessons. Or would you rather keep the evenings free and work in the mornings? No problem at all. You can take on as many lessons as you like and design your own timetable that works for you.

While language schools are the majority of employers, a lot of teaching is also done in-company. Many teachers are sent there by language schools but some bigger companies also employ in-house teachers, which is usually a really sweet deal as you will be working office hours with a fixed salary and benefits. To be prepared for the challenges you could take a teaching Business English extension course after your TEFL qualification and show employers that you went the extra mile to get ahead of the competition.

Another big branch of teaching English is Young Learners. Very often pre-schools are looking for teachers to teach a lesson in the morning and then stay so the kids are exposed to English all day. Obviously, you are paid for the whole day even though you will spend most of it playing Lego and hide and seek or pick up some Czech phrases from the teachers during the kids’ nap time.

A growing branch is teaching exam preparation classes. Those are often better paid and are very popular amongst students who need to work towards a certain proficiency certificate for their job or studies. The students are usually highly motivated and the syllabus is clearly laid out.

Most teachers teach 1-1 lesson on the side. There are loads of internet platforms that make finding students very easy and word-of-mouth recommendations might make your client base grow so fast, that you will end up turning jobs down very soon.

Your students will be a multicultural bunch. Very often you will find more nationalities in a classroom than you can count on one hand. Many Vietnamese, Ukrainians and Koreans live in Prague.

Apart from the enchanting capital there are other cities worth considering such as the home of Budvar (you may know it as Budweiser) České Budějovice in South Bohemia or Brno in beautiful Moravia. There the competition is smaller and wages are generally a little higher compared to the cost of living.

How and when can I find teaching jobs in the Czech Republic?

The language schools hire year-round and don’t care much for the academic year. There are peaks in August/September and January/February when the new semesters start (especially in the young learners sector) but generally the schools open courses as soon as they have enough people signed up for a class and that happens on a daily basis.

The easiest way to find jobs is to take your TEFL course with a supportive school that offers a comprehensive careers service and helps you get in touch with the best schools in town. Oxford TEFL in Prague, for example, is also a language school itself and is in constant contact with dozens of other schools to recommend graduates. The tightly knit alumni network does the rest: Your new friends will let you know as soon as there is a job opening at their school. So don’t worry if you don’t find many job ads online, most positions are filled through connections.

What are the educational requirements to teach English in the Czech Republic?

Employers usually look for English teachers who have a TEFL qualification from an accredited training centre. A degree is not mandatory and experience is preferred but there are plenty of jobs at entry level. A high command of English is key and it helps to be organised and reliable. Once you want to move into higher positions a degree can help, but for most employers a diploma in English teaching is of more importance.

How easy is it to obtain a visa to teach in the Czech Republic?

The visa requirements are comparatively easy to fulfil. The Czech bureaucracy is famous but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Make sure to go with a TEFL programme or employer that offers extensive visa assistance, as all of it is in Czech and you will want an expert by your side (www.oxfordtefl.com/work-and-visas/visas/visa-service-prague) and inform yourself before you leave your home country as to what you need to bring. Let’s say you are an American citizen: You will enter the Czech Republic on a tourist visa, which is essentially the stamp you get in your passport when you enter. That allows you to stay for 90 days. In that time your TEFL provider or employer will sort out your visa application and soon you will be able to pick up your visa. It’s pretty straightforward and hassle-free as long as you stay on top of things and work with pros.

How much money can I make teaching English in Prague?

The Czech lifestyle is rather relaxed. Driving up to the cottage or going mushroom picking can often be more important than spending a Friday in the office. This rubs off on us expats too: You can work as little or as much as you like. The amount you can earn will depend largely on what your priorities are (work or free time), where you are, how many hours you teach per week, which schools you teach for and what kind of classes you teach.

To give you a general idea, here are some examples. While you’re looking at these numbers, please keep in mind that the cost of living is super low in the Czech Republic – see these statistics.

Compensation per lesson in Prague (on average)

General English: 350CZK
Business English: 400CZK
Exam Preparation classes: 450CZK
Private classes newly qualified teachers: 500CZK
Private classes experienced teachers: up to 800CZK

Lesson planning, marking homework and commuting are not usually included in your pay. As a new teacher, you will probably be teaching around 16-20 lessons a week and make around 20’000CZK which allows for a comfortable lifestyle in the Czech republic.

Why should I take a TEFL course in Prague?

Apart from the fact that Prague is an enchanting city full of breathtaking architecture you will simply fall in love with the wide array of cultural activities, the countless microbrews you will want to try in the beautiful beer gardens around the city and the tightly-knit alumni network you will be part of.

One of the most important reasons why Prague is such a popular location to take a TEFL course is the tremendous demand for English teachers here. The Czechs are well aware that their native language is not very widely spoken and are eager to learn foreign languages. Many companies offer it as a benefit to their employees, which provide a seemingly never-ending flow of students. To find work is as easy as it gets and getting legal is, despite a bit of red tape, comparatively stress-free, including for non-EU passport holders.

Whether you only come for the course, want to gain some experience before moving on or plan on staying long-term: Prague has something to offer for everyone. And if you should ever run out of options: the Czech Republic is the heart of Europe and the mountains, Berlin or Warsaw are only a train ride away.

Featured TEFL courses in the Czech Republic

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TEFL International Prague – Language and Training

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TEFL Worldwide Prague


TEFL Worldwide Prague

TEFL Worldwide is an award winning and internationally accredited TEFL course in Prague. We are renowned for our high quality course and support before, during and long after the course. We have had over 3500 graduates have gone on to teach in 60+ countries.

The Language House TEFL Prague


The Language House TEFL Prague

Get certified to teach English worldwide with an international TEFL (TESOL) certificate offered by The Language House in Prague.
We are offering a $150 discount on all future courses due to current travel uncertainty, and you’ll be able to move your course to a different month if you encounter travel problems.

The TEFL Academy


Combined Level 5 TEFL course in Prague

Combined Level 5 TEFL Course from the TEFL Academy: 20-hour weekend classroom TEFL course in Prague and 148-hour Online TEFL & Grammar Course.
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CA Institute of Languages


TEFL / TESOL course in Brno

180-hour TEFL/TESOL certification course – 150 hours coursework and 30 hours practicum.

European Language Examination Centre

Ceske Budejovice

CELTA in Ceske Budejovice

ELEC offers the CELTA at their centre in České Budějovice which is located close to the Austrian border.

Akcent International House Prague


TESOL course in Hodonín

Akcent International House Prague provides a range of teacher training courses which include CELTA, Delta, TKT and speciality courses in teaching business English and young learners.



TEFL Scholarships: Free TEFL training, Board and Lodging provided

Travel Europe for free and receive a free 120h accredited TEFL Qualification, while gaining ESL experience and supporting European students as an English-speaking mentor in beautiful hotels .

Hello Academies


TEFL Certification Course in Prague

A 4-week TEFL certification course located in the center of Prague. Students will become qualified and confident English teachers. Once completed the course, students can teach anywhere in the world with their TEFL certificate. Our course is one of the only courses that includes housing for the duration of the course making it one of the most affordable.

International TEFL Academy


International TEFL Academy in the Czech Republic

Internationally accredited TEFL-TESOL certification courses in Prague. ITA trains more than 3,500 English teachers annually. Get qualified for thousands of teaching jobs in the Czech Republic and around the world.



International TEFL and TESOL Training in the Czech Republic

Internationally recognised 4 week intensive TEFL certificate course in Prague, with external validation and moderation. Highly practical, 120+ hours course with a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice.
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Get TEFL Certified and teach English in Prague with LanguageCorps’ TEFL Certification

This accredited, four-week TEFL course in Prague, Czech Republic, included 130 hours of in-class instruction and 6+ hours of teaching practice. Job guarantee for top-performing students in Prague and job-finding assistance worldwide.

Live TEFL Prague


Teach English in Prague

Internationally recognized 4 week TEFL/TESOL certificate. Face-to-face training in the centre of Prague with full time contract teaching English in Prague guaranteed.

Oxford TEFL


Oxford TEFL

Qualify to teach English anywhere in the world with the internationally-recognised Cambridge CELTA in Prague, Czech Republic. The course includes a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice and practical, dynamic workshops. We provide a free lifelong careers service, accommodation service and visa support.
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Teach to Travel Academy


TEFL Course in Prague, Czech Republic

Guaranteed Job Placement in Czech Republic!
Our 130-hour TEFL Certification takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Prague is in the heart of Europe offering a great location as well as beautiful historical monuments and streets. Take our 4-week course in Prague for Guaranteed Job Placement in Europe!

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Thoughts on teaching English in the Czech Republic

  1. I was teaching English in Brno for 9 months while being a student there. I was working for a private school and was giving in-company General English classes. My experience was kind of mixed as there were some negatives which I will mention further. The quality of your experience depends a lot on the school of course. I would strongly recommend going for a big, preferably international school, such as International House, British Council, James Cook Languages, etc. as they have teacher development sessions.

    So, let’s start with the negatives. As for the organisation, I usually talked about the course content, any preferences and progress tests in our first class, but sometimes it would turn out later that the company management had their own study schedule with fixed test dates which I was supposed to follow but of which neigther the company nor the school managers told me about. So then I had to skip study material and shorten the test to catch up with their schedule. Another point is that the school management knew I teach General English courses, nevertheless once they gave me an ESP course which was supposed to be a General English course. I ended up asking the school to find another teacher as I had no experience nor desire to teach English for automobile industry. The last negative is that my school had absolutely no teacher development sessions whatsoever, which at that time was fine as I had enough to do by trying to manage studying and working but if you want to develop your teaching skills in a more organised way, then teacher development sessions is a must.

    Moving on to the positives, the students were mostly respectful and polite, although I had two adult students whose behavior shocked me as one of them could mention sex in speaking activities, for example about a hypothetical perfect day. So it’s kind of related to the topic in a way but I consider that absolutely unacceptable. Another student once put on a fake smile and started talking like an idiot asking how his friend was supposedly making fun of me as I always start a lesson asking my students how they are. These 2 cases might not be a big deal for you, but they ARE for me. Apart from these 2 students, the rest were always nice, polite and sensible. Another potitive is the school had a library so I could borrow the books, scan, copy and print what I needed in their office.

    The school I worked for always paid on time and if the lesson was cancelled by the student fewer than 8 hours before the lesson, I was paid the full rate. Additionally, all the managers and the boss were always friendly and ready to help with any problems.

    To conclude, keep your mind open and go for bigger schools which really care about teacher development rather than focusing more on making profit. Peace!


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