Comparative Adjectives and Expressing Preferences

Activity to practise comparative adjectives

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Aim To practise comparative adjectives and expressing preferences.
Activity Students are presented with two things. They compare and/or express a preference for one or the other.
Organisation Pair work or group work
Preparation Make enough copies of the activity for the number of pairs/groups in your class. Cut up the activity so that the two things to compare are on the same card.
What do I do?
  1. Divide students into pairs or small groups.
  2. Give each pair or group a set of cards face down on the table.
  3. Students take it in turns to turn over a card and express a preference or make a comparison.

Cats – Dogs
Reading a book – Watching TV
Playing cards – Playing chess
McDonalds – Burger King
New York – London
Pasta – Rice
Studying – Working
The city – The country
Madonna – Jennifer Lopez
Emails – Letters
Sushi – Thai food
Pop music – Rap music