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Learn Everything You Need To Feel Completely Confident About Grammar As An English Teacher

Grammar For English Teachers

And Save Hours Of Time When You Teach It.

Parts of Speech


Verb Tenses & Forms

How to Teach Grammar


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Whether you’re just starting out or already an established teacher, this course will improve your grammar knowledge and boost your confidence.

If any of these describe you, this course can help:

  • I want to feel more confident with my grammar.
  • I always feel like I don't know enough about a grammar point I have to teach.
  • I'm about to start a TEFL course and am worried I don't know enough grammar.
  • I know about grammar, but I don't really know how to teach it.

What's included?

  • Getting Started With Grammar

    Module 1

    You'll understand what grammar is and how it fits into English teaching, giving you a solid context and frame of reference for everything that follows.

  • The Parts Of Speech

    Module 2

    You'll learn everything about the 9 types of word in the English language, seeing exactly how they work and mastering their usage. This is where we start to build your knowledge of grammar step by step.

  • Clauses And Sentences

    Module 3

    This is where you'll see it all fit together. You'll learn how parts of speech combine to create different types of clauses and sentences, laying the foundation for teaching grammar effectively.

  • Verb Tenses, Verb Forms And More

    Module 4

    You'll see how this foundation can help you master the present and past tenses, talk about the future and construct other specific types of clause and sentence, giving you the confidence you need to teach these to your students.

  • How To Teach Grammar

    Module 5

    You'll learn four proven lesson structures for teaching grammar effectively, which you can apply to all of your grammar teaching right away.

    You'll also find two lesson templates for Young Learners, and discover why they work so well to make teaching grammar to kids fun!

Can I see some of the videos?

Yes! Here are previews of two of the videos in the course:


Buy now for £45

Save £20 until 21st June

30 day money back guarantee. More details