TEFL Courses in Italy

Accredited TEFL courses in Florence and Sardinia with Via Lingua


16 TEFL certification course providers in Italy

  • Cagliari
    Course: CELTA
    Course provider: Anglo American Centre

    The Anglo American Centre in Cagliari, Sardinia offers the CELTA course and job opportunities in language schools across Italy and the world. We also look to recruit our best CELTA trainees to our staff of 20 full-time teachers.

  • Florence
    Course: TEFL course
    Course provider: BridgeTEFL

    The BridgeTEFL training center is located in the beautiful historic center of Florence, just a short walk from Il Duomo. On completion of the BridgeTEFL course, the school offers job placement resources for all its graduates.

  • Florence
    Course: TEFL course
    Course provider: LanguageCorps

    This accredited, four-week TEFL Certification course is approximately 130 hours and includes academic input sessions and 10 hours of teaching practice with local EFL students. Lifetime job-finding assistance worldwide.

  • Florence and online from anywhere
    Course: TEFL Certificates
    Course provider: Teaching English in Italy

    The Teaching English in Italy 140 hour program combines onsite and online TEFL courses providing flexibility and affordability. The 20 hour weekend courses are offered onsite at the Europass Teacher Academy in Florence, Italy. The 120 hour online (asynchronous and self paced) course provides a certificate from London, England. Courses can be taken separately or together.

  • Florence and Rome
    Course: TEFL course
    Course provider: ITTT

    Internationally recognised 4 week intensive TEFL certificate course in Florence and Rome, with external validation and moderation. Highly practical, 120+ hours course with a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice.

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  • Florence and Sardinia
    Course: CTEFL
    Course provider: Via Lingua

    Take our internationally accredited TEFL Course in Florence or in Sassari, on the beautiful island of Sardinia. Our course Includes 130 hours of expert tuition and 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, with job guidance services for life.

  • Maglie
    Course: CELTA
    Course provider: British School of Maglie

    Blended learning Cambridge CELTA in Southern Italy. 9 weeks part-time online study with 2 weeks intensive in-house training at our centre in Maglie, Puglia. Competitive rates. For more information, visit our website.

  • Milan, Naples
    Course: CELTA
    Course provider: British Council Italy

    The British Council has teacher training centres in Milan and Naples and offer a range of courses to teachers and potential teachers. The CELTA course is currently being run in both Milan and Naples.

  • Pescara
    Course: 140 hour Certificate in TEFL with Online Teaching Practice
    Course provider: Newenglishacademy.it

    Newenglishacademy.it offers a range of TEFL courses and a variety of study methods, and potential work/volunteer placements.

  • Rome
    Course: Trinity CertTESOL
    Course provider: TEFL in Italy

    Our 4-week and 8-week Trinity CertTESOL courses provide trainees with all the skills and knowledge to teach English in Italy and around the world.

  • Rome
    Course: Combined TEFL course
    Course provider: The TEFL Academy

    The TEFL Academy offers a Combined Level 5 TEFL Course with a 20-hour weekend classroom TEFL course in Rome and a 148-hour Online TEFL & Grammar Course.

  • Rome, Ancona, Catania, La Spezia, Milan, Palermo and Reggio Calabria
    Course: CELTA
    Course provider: International House Italy

    IH offers a range of teacher training courses all over Italy, including CELTA, Delta and specialist courses in teaching young learners and business English. Over the years International House has prepared more than three thousand candidates for teaching careers in Italy and other countries. Locations include Rome, Milan, Ancona, La Spezia, Reggio Calabria, Catania and Palermo.

  • Rome, Florence
    Course: TESOL certificate
    Course provider: TEFL International

    Our TESOL course is recognized worldwide and will enable you to teach anywhere in the world. We currently have two courses running in Italy, one in the great Renaissance city of Florence and the other in the eternal city of Rome.

  • Rome, Florence
    Course: Trinity CertTESOL
    Course provider: United TEFL Training

    We are a Nonprofit International Education Organization. We connect people with accredited TEFL courses across Italy. We currently work with centres in Florence and Rome offering Trinity CertTESOL and other accredited courses, acting as a liaison between you and the centre.

  • Verona
    Course: CELTA

    We are a CELTA and DELTA authorized center offering part-time and full-time CELTA courses throughout the year and a part-time Delta course once a year.

  • Vicenza
    Course: Trinity CertTESOL
    Course provider: British School

    British School in Vicenza (Veneto region) has a range of teacher training courses, including the Trinity CertTESOL, Trinity DipTESOL, CertIBET and refresher courses.

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Getting TEFL certified in Italy

Italy is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, architecture, and love of good food, and teaching English in Italy gives you the opportunity to experience all of these. Here are the answers to a few questions to help you decide if taking a TEFL certification course in Italy is the right move for you, and how and when to go about it.

Why take a TEFL course in Italy?

There are several reasons you may decide to get TEFL qualified in Italy:

  1. You’ll have one foot in the door when it comes to finding a TEFL job in Italy after your course. Most TEFL course providers offer some level of job assistance, utilising their contacts with local language schools. Some even promise to recruit graduates from their own courses for the following academic year.
  2. You’ll get the chance to experience Italian culture while taking the course, which can help you decide if you want to spend a year or more living and teaching there. If you decide that you don’t, then you’ll still be TEFL qualified with an accredited certificate that you can use to teach anywhere else in the world!
  3. On most courses, you’ll have the chance to teach Italian students as part of the teaching practice element of your course. You’ll learn some of the particular issues that native Italian speakers have with English, as well as some of the norms and expectations which determine Italians’ attitude to learning and teaching. This experience can be very useful if you stay in Italy and start teaching Italian students after getting your TEFL certificate.

Where can I get TEFL certified in Italy?

Florence, Milan and the capital Rome are probably the most popular destinations, with several centres in each city, offering either the CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or another accredited course.

You’re not limited to these three big cities though. You can also find TEFL certification courses on the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia, as well as Maglie in the heel of Italy and Verona in the north, amongst others.

As well as deciding if the location appeals to you, it’s worth taking some time looking at what the different course providers in these locations offer. Does the course meet the minimum internationally recognised standards for TEFL courses? Do they provide, or at least help you find, accommodation during the course? What level of job assistance or support do they offer once you’ve finished?

When are TEFL courses held in Italy?

Many centres offer courses year round, although it’s worth noting that the main period when private language schools (and state schools) hire foreign teachers in Italy is in September and October. The summer months and from Christmas to mid January are much quieter hiring times, so if you want to maximise your chances of finding a job soon after your course, this may be a consideration.

What types of TEFL course can I take?

Most TEFL providers in Italy offer 120 or 130 hour, 4 week intensive courses, including observed, teaching practice. This allows them to meet internationally accepted standards for TEFL courses. If you’re looking specifically for a CELTA course in Italy or a Trinity CertTESOL, there are centres offering these courses in Rome, Milan, Naples, Verona, Vicenza and Maglie, as well as on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Look out for centres which also offer courses in teaching young learners or business English. Adding one or both of these skills to your CV could give you the edge when it comes to finding your first TEFL job in Italy.

What are the requirements for teaching English in Italy?

To take a TEFL course in Italy, you will need to be able to cope academically with the demands of an intensive course and have a native or near-native level of English. Most TEFL certification providers also require you to be at least 18 years of age.

To teach English in Italy, most reputable employers require you to have an accredited TEFL certificate and a university degree. You will also need to be an EU citizen or have a valid working visa, which your employer may be able to help you with. Bear in mind though that some employers will only recruit EU citizens.

Most work is with language schools, teaching primarily business professionals. Many teachers also give private lessons, charging between 20 and 30 euros an hour (depending on where in Italy you are). Sites such as www.milanoinglese.it (for Milan) and www.romainglese.it (for Rome) are good for advertising your services as a private teacher. Work in state schools is also possible, again at a higher hourly rate than that paid by languague schools, but many of the contracts to provide native speaker teachers to state schools in Italy are snapped up by the language schools themselves, who then send teachers there for the lower hourly rate that they habitually pay.

As a result, TEFL salaries in Italy can be quite low compared to the cost of living. By combining work with language schools with some freelance teaching, and possibly work in state schools as well, you can expect to earn a salary of between 1300 and 1600 euros full time, with the monthly cost of living matching this. Most teaching contracts will run for about 9 months, stopping in the summer.

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