TEFL Courses in Azerbaijan

Find a TEFL certification course in Azerbaijan and get qualified to teach English.

TEFL courses in Azerbaijan

International House Baku


CELTA in Baku

International House Baku in partnership with International House Tbilisi will be starting its first CELTA course on August 15th.

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Thoughts on teaching English in Azerbaijan

  1. I taught EFL in Baku for 2 years and loved it. Yes, there are difficulties, yes landlords can be a problem, but on the whole people are warm and friendly and it must be the safest place I have ever been to.
    Bear in mind it is a Muslim country and therefore the culture can be restrictive seen from a western female point of view, also it is all about community and I felt that sometimes people were not sure about how to behave or communicate with overseas teachers rather than being unfriendly – they were just not confident. That said, I never felt that I had to cover my hair with a headscarf, or cover my wrists or ankles – but if you wear skimpy clothing you will be leered over as it is not what Muslim women do.
    Financially it was good for me, although the inflation is bad, expat workers are protected from this largely because they command higher salaries. In 2017 I paid £300 per month for my apartment and then about £50 for utilities (I recommend that you keep receipts for this as landlords can demand payment for unpaid bills without proof) – the food available is fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and yes, you can get Pork and Bacon from the meat markets and ‘Western’ supermarkets although they command a higher price. Eating out is easy – Turkish food easily available, some Chinese and Indian restaurants and many Georgian (excellent food and wine). There are nightclubs if you want them, expensive and cheap restaurants. There are lots of opportunities to take trips into the regions – which is a different world to Baku.
    The weather has similar patterns to UK, but with more extremes. The winter is rainy and cold, Spring very short, Summer long, hot and dry and virtually no Autumn. I would happily go back, so if anyone has an IELTS teaching job there, please feel free to contact me!!!!


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