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Walk Spanish offers English and Spanish courses from beginners to advanced levels in Mexico City in Polanco, Roma and Condesa. The school is based on a methodology that allows students to learn outside of the classroom in an interactive environment, we alos provide assistance with English internships for locals and foreigners as well as accommodation services and excursions all year long. Students are allowed to start a language course every Monday, with most courses lasting 4 weeks on average though students are also allowed to take a course for a duration of only a week.
The school is located in Polanco and its facilities include wifi, library and others. The school is specialized in business Spanis teaching for individuals and companies and also has a division for Spanish language training and teaching. The curriculum follows the European frame of reference, where students are placed in different levels: 2 for beginners, 2 for intermediate and 2 for advanced. The school also offers certification and different options for taking different examinations. Students are required to comlete a registraion form and fill a test prior to starting their language courses. Courses offered Monday to Friday only since the school is closed on weekends.

Language courses at Walk Spanish Mexico City

  • General English or Spanish