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ISSOS International

Our 3-week summer programs offer international students (aged 13 - 18) the chance to combine learning and action-packed adventure at one of 3 world-renowned university campuses in St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale.

Learn English in St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale with ISSOS

ISSOS is a fully emersive English programme. Our students come from over 80 different nationalities and we mix native and non-native English speakers at all times.

During the three-week English Language programme, our teachers will use a wide variety of techniques and supplementary materials including video, music, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as out of classroom assignments to ensure that our classes are fun and students are motivated to learn.

Students are taught English by addressing subjects that are of interest and relevance to them and we take this opportunity to educate students on world issues affecting them today: bullying, social media, politics, climate change, current affairs and more.

This nurturing yet challenging atmosphere will help all students make significant progress and develop communication skills necessary to function efficiently and effectively in both social and academic settings.

Each student combines this academic summer school programme with one of our exciting elective summer courses making this unique program a balanced and exciting summer experience.

Our students will:

> Benefit from experienced and qualified teachers, daily English classes and individual attention
> Significantly improve academic and social communication skills
> Use English to make new friends with students from other countries
> Focus on core skills; English grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, writing and listening
> Take part in a 3 week fully residential and immersive summer programme
> Stay in world-renowned universities (St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale)
> Mix with students who have English as a first language
> Combine English with one of our exciting electives
> Take part in amazing full-day trips.

ISSOS teaches British English at all 3 of our campuses. You can join us in St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale.

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