Colombian family living in Scotland scam

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  • Keith Taylor
    6 September, 2018 at 8:31
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    Adverts have recently been posted on TEFL websites by someone claiming to be from Colombia, living with his family in Scotland, offering an outrageously high salary for an EFL teacher for his family. Here’s an example of an advert posted:

    [quote]Dear Teacher

    I trust you are doing great! I am Evang Pab from Cucuta and presently residing here in the United Kingdom with
    My family which comprises of my wife Sara, and two kids by name, Mia, and Gael

    I am in need of an English teacher to come and teach my wife and kids for a period of one year here before they can enroll for formal education, Compensation and Benefits Package.: A very attractive monthly salary of is GBP6,000 Paid monthly, Quality single or family housing upon your arrival here, medical insurance, vacation allowance etc…

    If you are interested in coming to work for me kindly send me your detailed resume and cover letter to
    Thank you for your anticipated response…

    Evang Pab[/quote]

    We advise against any contact with this person.

    Here is another email from “Evang Pab” to one teacher, in which he asks about a work visa to work in the UK, even though the teacher’s CV had clearly stated that she was a British citizen. This suggests that the scam might be asking for money for processing visas:

    [quote]Dear —
    Nice hearing from you.
    Do you have work/residential permit visa to use here?
    Evang Pab[/quote]

    3 February, 2020 at 5:46
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    I have been in contact with this individual. Please share any additional information you may have, such as what did he ask for, e.g., money, bank account information, etc. The more details you can share, the better informed everyone will be. Simply telling us what he advertised or that he may “potentially” be asking for money to process a visa, does not tell us whether or not he actually HAS requested any personal information or money. I’m trying to get more details from this potential scammer so I can share it on the forum, but so far he has not asked for anything that makes me overly cautious. I do not want to wrongly accuse someone of doing anything amiss until I have all the facts. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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