Places in a Town Vocabulary

This is a downloadable ESL activity for children to practise "places in a town" vocabulary and ask and answer questions using "there is".

Places in a town activity

Download this activity for free!

Here’s some more info about the activity:

Aim To introduce and practise vocabulary: common places found in a town and practise asking and answering questions using THERE IS.
Activity Students complete the chart by asking and answering questions.
Organisation Whole class
Preparation Make enough copies of the questionnaire for the number of students in your class.

What do I do?
  1. Hand out the activity.
  2. Students write their own name in the first box in the “names” column and write “yes” or “no” for each question.
  3. Students mingle and ask the same questions to the other students until their chart is complete.
  4. Feedback as a class, asking questions such as “Is there a library near your house?”, “Is there a supermarket near John’s house?”

Is there a… near your school?


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