Gerund or Infinitive Worksheet

This is a downloadable ESL worksheet to practise the use of gerund or infinitive after different verbs.

Worksheet to practise gerund and infinitive

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Here’s some more info about the activity:

Aim To practise the use of gerund or infinitive after different verbs.
Activity Students complete sentences.
Organisation Pair work
Preparation Make enough copies of the questionnaire for the number of students in your class.
What do I do?
  1. Hand out the worksheet.
  2. Students complete the sentences by choosing verbs from the list and putting them in the correct form.
  3. Students ask each other questions 1-5.


1. Do you enjoy ________________ to football matches?
2. Have you ever considered ________________ to another country?
3. What time did you finish ________________ breakfast this morning?
4. Do you want ________________ at home tonight?
5. Do you plan ________________ a holiday soon?
6. She hasn’t finished ________________ the report yet.
7. The sun was shining so I decided ________________ for a walk.
8. She has a toothache. She needs ________________ the dentist!
9. I can’t really afford ________________ a new car at the moment.
10. I normally avoid ________________ unhealthy food.

Keith Taylor
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