First Conditional Activity

Activity to practise first conditional

Download and print
Download a PDF version of this activity for classroom use with teacher notes.

Aim To practise the first conditional.
Activity Students make first conditional sentences by connecting sentence halves.
Organisation Pair work
Preparation Make enough copies of the activity for the pairs of students in your class.
Cut and mix up sentences.
What do I do?
  1. Divide students into pairs and give them the cut up conditional sentences.
  2. Students make sentences by matching the sentence halves.
  3. Get feedback from different pairs.

If I go out tonight – I’ll go to the cinema
If it rains this weekend – I’ll stay at home
If it’s sunny this weekend – I’ll go to the beach
If I have a party – will you come?
If we invite her – will she come?
If I’m sick – will you look after me?
If we eat out tonight – where will we go?
If you cook tonight – what will you make?
If you have a party – we’ll come
If they do that again – I’ll be really angry!