Comparative Adverbs Worksheet

This is a downloadable ESL sentence completion worksheet to practise comparative adverbs.

Worksheet to practise comparative adverbs

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Here’s some more info about the activity:

Aim To practise comparative adverbs.
Activity Students complete sentences with comparative adverbs.
Organisation Individual or pair work
Preparation Make enough copies of the worksheet for the number of students in your class.
What do I do?
  1. Hand out worksheets.
  2. Students complete the sentences by choosing an adjective from the list at the top of the worksheet and forming a comparative adverb.


1 You will get there _____________________ if you take the train.
2. You can travel _____________________ in First Class.
3. I speak English _____________________ than you.
4. Can’t you drive ______________________ ? We’re going to be late!
5. The students in this class work ____________________ than my old class.
6. He reads ____________________ than me. It takes him a long time to finish a book.
7. They arrived much _____________________ than we expected.
8. You should drive _____________________ at night than during the day.
9. He recovered much _____________________ than the doctors expected.
10. He’s behaving even _____________________ than yesterday

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