ESL discussions – Cinema and Film

This is a downloadable ESL discussion activity to improve fluency in the context of cinema and film.

Cinema and film conversation ESL worksheet

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Here’s some more info about the activity:

Aim To develop fluency in the context of cinema and film.
Activity Students discuss or debate issues.
Organisation Group work and whole class
Preparation Make enough copies of the activity for the number of students in your class.
What do I do?
  1. Divide students into groups and hand out the activity.
  2. Groups discuss the issues and questions first in groups, then as a class.

To use as a debate:

  1. Use numbers 1-4. Divide the class into two halves. One half must argue in favour of the points raised, the other must argue against.
  2. Give the groups some time to prepare their arguments.
  3. Have a class debate. You can nominate a student to chair the debate, or chair it yourself.

1. Some Hollywood stars are paid $20 million per film. Is this too much?
2. There is too much sex and violence in films.
3. Films do not need to reflect real life – fantasy is good!
4. Films should never be censored – we should be able to choose what we want to see.
5. What makes you go and watch a film at the cinema?
6. If you made a film, what would it be about?

Keith Taylor
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