Find someone who… Adjective + Preposition

This is a downloadable "find someone who" ESL activity to practise adjective and preposition collocations.

Activity to practise adjective and preposition

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Here’s some more info about the activity:

Aim To practise adjective plus preposition combinations.
Activity Students ask and answer questions to complete a “find someone who” questionnaire.
Organisation Individual and whole class
Preparation Make enough copies of the questionnaire for the number of students in your class.
What do I do?
  1. Hand out questionnaires.
  2. Students read through the questionnaire and think about the questions they need to ask.
  3. Students mingle, and complete the questionnaire by writing students’ names in the box if they answer “yes”.
  4. The objective is to find at least one “yes” for each question.

To develop fluency, encourage students to expand on their answers, rather than just answering “yes” or “no”.

Find someone who…

is interested in politics.
is nervous about an exam they are taking soon.
is afraid of spiders.
is good at tennis.
is bad at maths.
is annoyed with a friend or family member at the moment.
is excited about going on a holiday soon.
is fond of animals.
was surprised by something yesterday

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