Teach English in Austria

Teach English in Austria

Teach English in Austria – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Austria.

I worked as a TEFL teacher in Vienna for 1 year. The cost of living was high but salary was very good. I would recommend teaching English in Austria but you need to speak German. Definitely do a course before you leave.

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2011


Too true! you need German here. There is enough work but the social insurance and tax is a nightmare.

Fred, 14 Feb 2012


There are many English teachers in Vienna, so you should consider that, small apple and all… Having a CELTA is advisable.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2012


I’ve been working in Vienna for 4 months now. Lots of red tape which I still haven’t resolved, but plenty of opportunities for native speakers with an EU passport. There are definitely jobs, and it is possible to make a living. Vienna is affordable and salary is relatively good. I am earning more than 2-3 times the going rate for ESL teachers in e.g. Prague. But I miss Prague–a much friendlier place. Viennese are notoriously rude to each other, however most will go out of their way to be polite to English speakers. I would recommend it. Enjoy!

Anonymous, 2 Feb 2014


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