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Teacher Work Pack

Printable Materials

The Story

Mickey really loves chocolate! However, when he insists on having it for dinner, his dad sends him to bed early for being cheeky. That night Mickey has a VERY strange dream all about… yes, chocolate!

Younger learners of English will absolutely love these videos full of colourful characters, interactive moments and a great song-and-dance number. Plus… they will also learn the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise! Although it is aimed at learners from 3-8 years old, this video can easily be enjoyed by older learners too.

The Videos

This FUNTASTIC, motivating, learner-friendly comedy lasts approximately 60 minutes, but is cleverly divided into six episodes. Just like a mini miniseries!

Carefully graded language is combined with clear gestures and many moments of interaction. This unique language-learning experience allows viewers to engage verbally, physically and emotionally with the story from start to finish.

The Activities

Each episode comes with hours of relevant class/home study activities. These great, easy-to-use activities help learners consolidate their knowledge, expand their vocabulary and use grammar in real-life contexts whilst practising their speaking and listening skills (and reading/writing skills where their ability allows).

You can preview the entire teacher work pack and all the printable materials here:

Teacher Work Pack

Printable Materials

All activities are student-centred and based on current popular EFL teaching methodologies for Young Learners. We also include helpful tips and alternative tasks to further facilitate learning at different stages of ability and to differentiate between the varying ages and levels of the viewers.

$6.50 / year

Unlimited access, cancel any time

$6.50 / year

Unlimited access, cancel any time






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Interactive Videos Bundle – Young Learners

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Interactive Videos Bundle

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About the author

Clever Pants

Clever Pants

For nearly 20 years Clever Pants’ dynamic interactive theatre plays have regularly provided a fun and motivating language immersion for English learners of all ages all over Spain and Portugal. A total Eng-mersion, you might say! That’s an amazing: 5,000+ performances of 25+ different shows to 600,000+ happy audience members.

Then Covid happened. The serious economic effects and the public health
concerns forced us to stop touring.

However, we took that time to create three specially adapted video versions of our funtastic, learner-friendly comedies. Filmed in a greenscreen studio with three actors, interactive moments and great animated special effects, these dynamic videos give English learners everywhere the chance to experience some classic Clever Pants edutainment.

The videos were all made with lots of love, lots of laughs, many silly wigs, really colourful tights and we hope everyone has as much fun watching them and learning from them as we did making them.

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