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To work as a teacher, you usually need to have a teaching certificate. The problem is that there are thousands of TEFL or TESOL certificates on offer. How do you know your training course will really train you to be an effective teacher? How do you know that your certificate will lead to a decent job with a good local salary and good working conditions.

Training on a reputable and prestigious course will help you get the right job in the right place.

With a Trinity TESOL certificate, you can find work as an English teacher in Spain, Latin America, or anywhere around the world. Because our course is validated by Trinity College London, you are guaranteed a teaching certificate that will be recognised by employers around the world.

Our accredited Trinity TESOL course provides you with the skills and knowledge to ensure your students really learn English.

We train you how to make your classes useful, rewarding and entertaining for your learners
We show you how to focus on your learner needs.
We make sure you teach the learners, not the course book.
We believe that learning languages should be challenging but fun.
We encourage you to express your creativity through your teaching.

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  • Trinity Cert TESOL

    Where can I take the course?
    Granada, Spain

    Course length
    130 hours

    Teaching practicum