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5 Day TESOL Course in Kawasaki

Our TESOL certificate program is an accelerated 5 days course that will teach you how to become a better English language teacher with an emphasis on practical methodology. You will earn your certificate in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) and, in addition, learn how to use advanced teaching methods and strategies to teach any language. It is simply based on how the brain actually learns and remembers languages.

The CIE TESOL certification programme has equipped teachers from around the world to meet the high demands for TESOL instruction. Over 7,000 graduates from our TESOL certificate program are teaching in more than 40 countries.

These TESOL educators have been told they are the best English teachers their school has ever had!

You can earn your certificate in TESOL in our 5 days advanced TESOL course!

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