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The TEFL Org

The TEFL Org is an award winning company that has trained and sent thousands of TEFL students abroad. The company is staffed and managed by experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience in teaching English and teacher training.

Our accredited TEFL courses give you a recognised TEFL certificate enabling you to find paid teaching English work abroad. We also have a TEFL Jobs Centre which includes vacancies in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our fun, intensive and interactive TEFL course can be taken over one weekend or three days during the week in a number of locations across the UK.

Combine the classroom course with 100 hours of tutor-assessed online study (includes 30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness module, 50-hour EFL Teaching Methodology module and 20-hour Video Observation module) to provide a 120/130-hour TEFL Certificate.

Once you have completed your TEFL Org training, you will receive lifetime access to the TEFL Jobs Centre where there are currently schools recruiting for positions in Spain, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, China and many more.

NEW – Virtual Classroom courses:
Our virtual classroom courses feature the same content and are taught by the same tutors as our physical courses.

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A new way of learning

  • David
  • Rochdale, UK – 27 May 2021
  • 9/10
  • Recommends
  • Completed the course in May 2021

I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous before I began this course. Once I started, my worries were for nothing. This is a course you can do in the comfort of your own home and there is plenty of time to do this course, instead of having to go to the school in person and worrying about being on time.

In my opinion, being a native English speaker does not automatically qualify you as an English teacher. I realised this as I was taking this course and I learned so much, e.g. tenses, different kinds of verbs, the kind of students you may teach, lesson planning. These elements, among others, are very helpful if you decide to be an English teacher.

In particular, the lesson planning for online teaching was very useful to me, as I intend to do so and there are these certain differences between teaching online and in a classroom.

My teacher was very helpful and any feedback I received helped me during my learning.

For anyone who plans to work abroad, then I would highly recommend taking this course. There is huge demand from people who wish to learn English as a foreign language.

Thank you TEFL!!!

Excellent [120-hour Premier online TEFL course]

  • Peter
  • 11 June 2020
  • 10/10
  • Recommends
  • Completed the course in June 2020

I have taken many courses online that did not leave a good impression.

However, the course structure for the 120-hour Premier online TEFL course is very good; aside from the grammar module (most people don’t like grammar anyway), the course was 98% on par with what I needed to learn to become a successful English Teacher.

You have to pay for the extra resources, which I bought 3 of (Lesson Plans, Warmer Games and Young Learners pack). Even with these in a basic format, it gives you just what you need as a new teacher starting out trying to figure out how to structure everything.

The only negative point really is the Advanced courses they recommend, which are a little too steep in terms of pricing in my view.

Aside from that little niggle, I would highly recommend this course provider; better too look out for when the courses are on sale, as you can get absolutely amazing deals on the pricing!

Prepared me for a life of TEFL!

  • Michael
  • Slovakia – 12 February 2020
  • 7/10
  • Recommends
  • Course: UK and online, completed in August 2016

It was a good experience, as a complete newcomer to the industry I was looking for a course for direction more than anything. The course gave a reasonable coverage of topics and how to teach them, while also providing feedback on how to improve myself. I left feeling happier and more confident about getting out there and teaching for the first time. The information regarding job hunting was useful too. The websites given to me then, are still the sites I use today when looking for my next adventure, so that is a good thing I suppose!

Great course with outstanding support

  • Beth
  • Alicante, Spain – 1 July 2019
  • 9/10
  • Recommends
  • Course: Online, completed in October 2016

Native English but had not practised english grammar for many years. Had a few issues with one of the assignments but my instructor was very thorough and gave me lots of guidance. I was more than happy with this course and recommend it to anyone who is new to teaching and wants to step into a teaching career. I passed with 95%.

Useful and Engaging Course That Provides a Good Foundation for ESL Teaching

  • Richard
  • 30 May 2019
  • 9/10
  • Recommends
  • Course: Glasgow and online, completed in March 2013

The three-day classroom component of the course was very enjoyable, and provided some good insight on how to plan and conduct lessons. The instructor provided valuable feedback on how each candidate could improve. My only gripe about this part of the course was that it wasn’t long enough; five or even seven days would have been a better length of time.
The online component of the course (120 hours) was a good way to build on the foundations of the classroom experience, and focused on how to teach grammar, vocabulary, speaking and other skills. The online instructors provided prompt and useful feedback on assignments.

A good refresher – and more!

  • Stefan
  • Switzerland – 17 June 2018
  • 9/10
  • Recommends
  • Completed the course in June 2018

I have been teaching English at college level for more than 15 years but want to go international for this coming accademic year. Since my national (Swiss) degree is not clear enough for many countries I participated in a 120h TEFL course and received not only a refresher but some valuable new ideas for my teaching methodology.
Well done and thanks to everybody at