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The mission of the International TEFL Institute is to deliver an innovative, yet relevant programme while contributing with integrity and commitment to the community ideals of skills development and employability. We pride ourselves on being a provider of quality learner focused education and in exceeding expectations of quality.

Course content

Module: The Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign Language
• The English Language
• Approaches to Teaching Methodology
• Receptive Skills: Teaching Reading and Listening
• Productive Skills: Teaching Writing and Speaking
• Teaching Phonetics & Phonology
• Teaching Vocabulary (Lexis)
• Teaching Grammar (Syntax)
• Lesson Planning and use of teaching resources and materials
• Classroom Management, Options and Techniques

Module: Grammar Awareness
• The Nuts & Bolts of English
• English Tense Forms
• English Tense Functions
• Vocabulary and Phonology

Module: Teaching Business English
• Analysing and recognizing the needs of your business students
• Organising effective communication in a business classroom
• Teaching business vocabulary
• Taking into account the cultural differences of your students
• Planning a business lesson

Module: Teaching English to Young Learners
• The motivation of young learners
• Activities and games for the Young Learner
• Initial English lessons
• Creating and adapting your materials and lesson ideas
• Teaching methodology

Module: Teaching English One-to-One
• Advantages of one-to-one learning
• Discovering your student’s needs
• Problems and possible solutions of one-to-one teaching
• Creating and adapting your materials and lesson ideas
• Lesson resources

Module: Assessment, Technology & ESP
• Assessment and testing
• Technology in the classroom
• Marking Schemes
• English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Module: Teacher Development and TEFL Administration
• Describing Teachers
• Further Teacher Learning
• Observation as a Learning Tool
• Evaluating your Teaching
• The Nature of English Language Schools
• The ESL Manager
• An Overview of the ESL Programme
• Philosophy, Aims and Objectives
• Development Plans and Target Setting
• ESL Policies and Procedures
• Business Practices in Language Schools
• Student Services and Support

Module: Teaching Observation & Lesson Presentation Practice
• First Day Activity: Getting to know you
•A Warmer / Communication Activity
• A Listening Lesson
• Teaching a Grammatical Structure
• A Communication Lesson

Module: Teaching English Online
• The advantages and challenges of teaching online
• How to get started as an online teacher of English
• How to sell yourself as an online teacher
• Video for online teaching
• Work opportunities for online English teachers

Module: TEFL Employment and Finding Work
• Will I need a TEFL Certificate?
• Can I teach English abroad?
• Where can I teach English abroad?
• Finding an English teaching job abroad

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