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Jonathan Davies is the founder and lead trainer of TEFL Toulouse. He has over 20 years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language, in Spain, France and the UK. He first fell in love with Toulouse as an exchange student in 1991, and taught his first ever English lessons there, so he was thrilled to come back 18 years later to offer the only externally validated 4 week TEFL Certificate course in south west France. He personally teaches the majority of the course input.

The 130 hour course includes 6 hours of observed teaching practice with feedback, 31 hours of lesson planning help, 75 hours of teaching and grammar theory, 6 hours of peer observation, 2 hours of receiving lessons in an unknown foreign language, and several other demonstration lessons.

2020 DATES
August 3 – August 28
September 14 – October 9
October 19 – November 13
November 23 – December 18

2021 DATES
January 4 – January 29
February 15 – March 12
March 29 – April 23
May 10 – June 4
June 21 – July 16
August 2 – 27
September 6 – October 1
October 18 – November 12
November 22 – December 17

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  • TEFL course

    Where can I take the course?
    Toulouse, France

    Course length
    4 weeks

    Course price
    1700 EUR

    Teaching practicum
    6 hours of observed teaching practice



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Excellent quality, lots of teaching practice and friendly course

  • Idaho USA -
  • 10/10
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  • Completed the course in August 2019

I did the course in Toulouse in summer 2019 and it exceeded my expectations, especially from an academic point of view. I had heard that TEFL courses can be just like a backpacking vacation for Americans but this was serious but friendly at the same time, with mainly Brits on the course, and you have to work hard. I really feel I can teach even big classes now and kids and business students! I also really loved Toulouse more than I figured I would and the training center is in the richest part of town, overloooking a park where we had picnics. They said we would do 6 hours teaching practice with the French students but we actually did 7 or 8 hours! The French students who we teach were really nice and understanding. The trainers on the course were really highly qualified and experienced, and above all really approachable and nice to be with. The days are quite long from 9 to 6 (I think it was) but you get breaks of course. Anyway I would really recommend this program, don't hesitate! You can see videos on youtube. They also offer add on courses if you want to be an expert in Business English, Teaching Young Learners and French courses.