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Via Lingua is a global educational organization, with schools and offices in numerous worldwide locations. Our principal goals are to help our students develop their English language teaching (TEFL) skills in a friendly and supportive environment and to provide them with employment opportunities throughout their TEFL career. Further to these goals, we aim to raise the standard of English language teaching around the world.

Our internationally recognised and externally moderated course is delivered through a combination of workshops, seminars and demonstrations, and is designed to ensure you take an active role in your development as an EFL teacher.

With 120 hours of training, and including 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, the Via Lingua course exceeds all professional guidelines for the regulation of international TEFL certificate courses.

Our courses qualify participants for graduate credits for advanced study in TESOL at NOVA Southeastern University, with tuition discounts.

Our TEFL Certificate Course is accredited by the College of Teachers in the UK which means that the certificate is recognized and accepted by the British Council.

Through our energetic and successful Job Placement Assistance Program. With our assistance, 85% of our graduates have already found a job by the time they finish the course.

During the four weeks of a TEFL course, we teach you the techniques of classroom management and teaching skills. We study the intricacies of English Grammar and phonology. You’ll be put into the position of the student and taught an unknown language by a native speaker of that tongue who won’t speak English. You’ll study and discuss every aspect of teaching with highly qualified and experienced trainers. Most important of all, you’ll teach real classes of local adult students. Each of these classes will be observed by one of your trainers. Detailed post-lesson feedback and analysis is given and problems dealt with individually in a thorough and professional way.

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A beneficial TEFL Course at Via Lingua

  • Salah Eddine Zakaria
  • Istanbul, Turkey – 31 January 2020
  • 7/10
  • Recommends
  • Course: Turkey, completed in March 2019

The TEFL course at Via Lingua was beneficial. It helped me to increase my awareness of different methods and concepts in English language teaching. In addition, the course helped me to develop skills on how to teach English to foreigners. My only concern was the poor job guidance after the TEFL course completion.

A month in Florence

  • Matthew
  • Italy – 11 September 2019
  • 8/10
  • Recommends
  • Course: Italy, completed in July 2019

I went to Florence to complete a TEFL course so as to be a certified teacher. The instructors were very helpful and gave me excellent input on where and how to improve my method. Most of the lessons were very insightful and gave me a better idea of what it takes to make an engaging lesson.