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The Language House TEFL is a fully accredited, American-owned TEFL certification course in Prague. Founded as a small organization in 2004, we have grown into the largest and most popular TEFL school in Prague while still retaining that personal touch.
Why choose The Language House?
Our Incredible Graduates and Vibrant Community
The Language House boasts the largest graduate community of any TEFL course in the region—perhaps even the world. Moving abroad and getting accustomed to a new culture become ten times easier when you’re welcomed into a supportive community of new friends and connections. Want to join a theater group? We have one! Want to join a gym? We have a discount! Want to join a writing group, a comedy group, a dance class, a language exchange, a yoga class? We can connect
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you with our past graduates who will welcome you into their groups. We also organize monthly parties, cultural events, travel excursions and more for our graduates.
Our Unique Training Style
We have a very low trainer to student ratio (one staff member for every two students on our biggest courses, and even lower for other months) so you can expect lots of individualized attention. You’ll see our methodology in action as concepts are demonstrated on your own classes. Most importantly, we make all classes fun using a variety of engaging materials, games, and real-life scenarios. There are no boring lectures or filler assignments. Just the methodology, grammar and classroom control concepts you need to be a successful teacher, presented in a dynamic and memorable way. We also offer an add-on specialization in teaching young learners and teens, which you won’t find elsewhere in the city.
More Practice Teaching Hours
The Language House TEFL follows the 120-140 hour CELTA model. Other TEFL programs generally offer six hours of teacher training. Our advantage is 50% percent more teaching practice. You will teach over twelve hours in the classroom, gaining experience with a multitude of different levels and both group and individual classes. These lessons are with real Czech students, not your peers. The additional training better prepares you as a teacher and gives you an advantage in the job market.
Worldwide Job Assistance
We provide extensive job assistance. We offer mock interviews, CV workshops, meetings with hiring managers from local language schools, personal connections with school owners, and more. Most of our graduates find work within two weeks of graduation. Not interested in Prague? No problem! We have connections all over the world and help our graduates get employment in dozens of countries. Our alumni teach in Vietnam, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Slovakia, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Jordan, and Lesotho, to name a few.
In-House Visa Assistance
We offer top-notch services to help you get legal. Getting a visa to live and work legally in Europe can be stressful. We are one of the few courses in the city that offers in-house visa assistance to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Starting from when you’re still at home preparing to move, we’ll be assisting you with the paperwork. On a daily basis, there will always be someone there to answer your visa questions.
Special Extras
We offer special Language House Alumni Cards that provide discounts on gyms, hospitals, public transportation, restaurants, and other businesses all over the city. We’ve done our best to look at every difficult aspect of moving abroad and find a way to help: you’ll receive assistance with housing, the visa process, getting health insurance, finding work, and becoming part of a supportive community. Additionally, survival Czech lessons, airport pickup, and all books and materials are included in the course cost. We’ll also celebrate with you, including a welcome dinner and a graduation party.

TEFL courses at The Language House TEFL

  • TEFL course

    Where can I take the course?
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Course length
    4 weeks

    Course price
    1450 USD

    Teaching practicum
    At least 12 hours, both group and individual classes


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