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120hr TEFL Course – TeachMe TEFL – Written by teachers, for teachers.

Why TeachMe TEFL?

We created this course after completing a variety of TEFL and TESL qualifications.

Each course taught English basics but not how to actually teach. 

The courses provided the qualification needed but did not provide us with the skills or practical application of the information provided. 

We created this course for native English speakers who want to become English teachers. 

The course is designed by teachers for teachers. 

TeachMe TEFL will provide you with the skills and practical application for you to confidently start your teaching career.

The course includes the following units: 


This unit covers different teaching styles and how they can be used to motivate a class. The principles of a good teacher, how to inspire your students to learn. 


In this unit, you will learn how to best manage your classroom and students. Also how to deal with the most common obstacles teachers face, both online and face-to-face.

How to teach: Grammar

This is NOT a revision of the entire English language, as a native speaker you already ‘know’ English. This unit instead recaps the basic grammar that most TEFL teachers teach and also provides examples and exercises you can use to teach grammar to your students. 

How to teach: Pronunciation

Often as native speakers, we simply know how to pronounce words since we have been speaking for decades. However, our students need to not only learn the words but also how to sound natural. This unit provides proven tips and tricks to help your students improve their pronunciation. 

How to teach: Listening and Reading

These are the receptive skills, often the first skills students learn. In this unit, you will learn how to effectively teach these skills and how to incorporate receptive skills in each of your lessons. 

How to teach: Speaking and Writing

These are the productive skills, learn how to teach and include productive skills in all of your classes.

How to: Assess

To be an effective teacher you need to know how your students are progressing and tailor your approach to meet their needs. In this unit, you will learn the importance of assessment and how to include assessment in your lesson plans. 

At the completion of the TeachMe TEFL course, you will be issued with a 120 hour TEFL certification, the standard required by employers and you will be ready to start your teaching career.

Start your teaching career today!

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