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TEFL 120 Hour

So you’ve taken the first step towards changing your life. Congratulations! The good news is, most of the things you will learn on this course, you already know. You’ve all been sat in classrooms and can remember a particular teacher who inspired you. You use English in your daily life and are already an expert speaker. Now you need to get that out of yourself and show it to others who are eager to learn from you. By choosing this course, you will take all the tools needed to perform in the classroom with complete confidence and let the students engage with you.

During this course, it is essential that you fully understand each section before you move on. We have over twenty-five years of teaching experience in ESL classrooms, so this course has been designed to scaffold and build on your knowledge step by step. You need to critically think about what we have said at each stage and think about how this will be useful in your classroom. It is a comprehensive course and goes in-depth on areas such as classroom management, grammar, phonics for young learners and technology in the ESL classroom. We understand that every job and classroom will be different. Some sections will be more useful to you than others, but it is crucial to complete each section. Take the end of unit tests and only move on when you are competent in the knowledge acquired. We have tried to give you a broad experience, so when you teach your first lesson, you will feel fully prepared.

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Just completed this course, and it was great, tutor was always a message away and fully supportive. They helped me all the way through and offered great tips and advice. Now onto finding a job which they are even helping me with.

Thanks guys