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LanguageCorps offers TEFL Certification programs in 23 different locations throughout the world. We are currently located in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. All our programs are internationally accredited and include lifetime job finding assistance. Whether you want to teach right after completion of the course, or at a later time, LanguageCorps will always be available for job support!

Our goal is to increase global awareness. We do this by providing talented people with professional training to be effective ESL teachers abroad. While you learn about the diversity of peoples and cultures around the world, you contribute to the personal and professional development of local communities. This mutual profit makes teaching abroad a unique experience!

We started as a family family-run business in 2003 and are nowadays a global leader in TEFL Certification. We still take great pride in providing personalized attention to all of our clients — potential, current and alumni. Our admissions team and the local staff work hard to make your transition to living and working in a new culture go smoothly.

TEFL courses at LanguageCorps

  • LanguageCorps Accredited TEFL, TESOL and CELTA Certification Courses

    Where can I take the course?
    Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East

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    120-150 hours

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    All our courses are accredited and meet or exceed the international standards for TEFL certification, with 120-160 hours of in-class training and a minimum of 6 hours of teaching practice with real English students. All our courses come with lifelong, worldwide job-finding assistance.