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TEFL TESOL course in Montpellier, Nice, Cannes and Marrakesh

The Language House provides an Internationally Recognized, Fully Accredited TESOL / TEFL Course. We offer a Teaching Business English and Teaching Young Learner courses as well.

Our TEFL / TESOL Course, which is validated by IATQuO, and provide over 120 hours of class time and observed teacher practice.

We provide small class sizes for personalized attention. We are the only program that focuses on one select region which guarantees expertise on living and teaching in the Mediterranean countries as well as our clients get insider advice from our local staff. Our teaching practice takes place in practicing English language schools as well as mainstream educating bodies. We don’t just provide a TESOL program, we provide the “how to” information to set up and live abroad as an English teacher.

Because our centers are located in the Mediterranean, the focus of our job guidance is for employment in France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy Egypt and Turkey. While attending the course, we provide comprehensive lists of English language schools in all of the above countries as well. However, we are fully able to advise on jobs in other parts of the world such as Asia and Central and South America. This is accomplished by providing effective websites and tactics for setting up a new life in a foreign country which is delivered by our international staff.

Course content

– Awareness of being a student
– Reflections for teaching
– Trainees are given basic instruction in a foreign language
– 10 Hours Assessed by: Foreign Language Journal

– Basic terminology and concepts of grammar and phonology
– Class inputs and self-study materials
– 20 hrs Assessed by Grammar and Phonology tests

– 20 hrs Assessed by tape transcription, discourse analysis, lesson plans, self-observation forms, trainer feedback

– Introduce concepts of learning
– Model basic teaching models and behaviors
– Practice of these models and behaviors
– Input sessions focused on demonstrations of basic teaching skills, and peer teaching practice
– 30 hrs Assessed by peer teaching and teaching practice and performance

1. observe experienced teachers (1 hr)
2. teach prepared lessons (6 hrs- observed)
3. peer teach (4 hrs)
4. observe peers teaching (3 hrs)
5. prepare teaching practice documentation
6. develop needs assessment for students
Preparation Time: 20 hrs
Teacher Practice Time: 7 hrs
Peer Observation Time: 3hrs

Assessed by the following:
1. lesson plans
2. self-evaluation forms
3. tutor feedback forms & sessions

Trainees compile a profiled study of one student and analyze grammar, phonology and overall content of written and spoken sample.
– 10 hrs Assessed by Case Study project documentation and moderation with trainers or external moderator

– Define the major areas of relevant culture including acceptable behaviours, daily life and national heritage
– Culture of the country of choice is integrated into the exploration of the learners (student profile) and teaching practice in terms of the contexts that have meaning for French/Arabic people and their lives.
– 10 hrs Assessed by appropriateness of teaching “contexts” and discussion of “cultural discovery” activities & field trips

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