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120-hour TEFL course + lifetime job placements

Let’s TEFL is an online course provider which focuses on providing one single TEFL course package with everything that new teachers need. There’s no need to worry about which course to get, or if you’ll need to purchase an extra training at a later date.

120-Hour TEFL Course
With our online course, you’ll cover all the essential materials which new teachers need to know.

Our course contains 6 sections which combine our teams 15+ years of teaching experience into a single package. Here’s how the course is structured:

– Course orientation
– TEFL Lifestyle

Class content:
– Parts of speech
– Sentences and tenses

Language skills:
– Teaching vocabulary
– Teaching reading
– Teaching writing
– Teaching speaking
– Teaching listening

Preparing for lessons:
– Creating lesson plans
– Class context
– Student motivations
– Spicing things up

Managing your class:
– Learning environment
– Testing students
– Rules and problems

– Online exam
– Online assignment

Each of these 6 sections contains a range of modules, and within each module are a range of lessons.

With the introduction, you’ll get an overview of the course and the TEFL industry. The class content section will give you a refresh of the essential grammar and content which provides the backbone to most English lessons. Next, you’ll learn about the different language skills which students need to master – and techniques for teaching them. Then you’ll start to learn how to roll your class content and language skills into useful lesson plans. After this, you’ll learn techniques for keeping your class under control. And finally, you’ll sit the final assessment.

With the final assessment, you’ll have to pass 2 parts – a multiple-choice exam, and an assignment to create a lesson plan based on one of two given scenarios. It can sound quite daunting but it’s actually quite fun, and we’re here to help you along the way.

Our course has been accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC). Each year they examine our course, operations and staff experience to make sure our course provides excellent training and is worthy of bearing their seal.

Job Placement Guarantee
With our course, we guarantee you a placement with one of our partner schools around the world if you simply meet the visa requirements needed to teach there, and can pass a basic Skype interview (which we’ll even help you to prepare for!). Otherwise, you’ll get a full refund of your course fee, you’ll keep your valid TEFL certificate, and you’ll still retain access to our premium tutor support :)

Job Placement Destinations
We have a range of excellent schools around the world, both at language centers which hire all-year round, and at excellent public schools.

We currently have placements in the following destinations:

– China
– Japan
– Spain
– Taiwan
– Thailand
– Vietnam

If you’re looking at teaching elsewhere, we also provide an additional free short-course which shares our insider knowledge on how to prepare for ESL interviews, and our downloadable CV template which was created especially for teaching jobs.

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