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Established in 2002, โรงเรียนสอนภาษาไทยทีทีที ภูเก็ต (TTT Language School Phuket) is licensed by the Ministry of Education to offer Thai Cultural Orientation to foreigners through Thai Language Program and other Language Programs. With this project by the Ministry of Education, foreign nationals who enroll in any of our programs can be granted 1 year ED VISA thus avoiding the hassle of visa runs.

Our school is the standard of excellence in Phuket, thanks to the man who started it all, Mr David. The late Mr. David handled TTT Language School Programs for almost 16 years thus making him a household name and icon among his students from all over the world. With his demise last February 2018, TTT is now under the leadership of young, dynamic and competent professionals who will ensure that TTT Language School remains competitive and the preferred Language School in Phuket.

We assure the community that as TTT is now handled by new management, more exciting years will be ahead of us – years of competent service and dedication to our Vision to be the largest and most respected Language School in Phuket, and if God willing, in Thailand.

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