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American Village Camps are owned and managed by Nacel France, and belong to the Go&Live corporate group. The Go&Live group promotes learning in France through active participation, cultural exchange and linguistic immersion.

American Village camps were created for French youth in 1994. Our English-immersion camps create a positive environment where it is fun, natural & necessary to use English everyday. The majority of our camps are American-themed, but we also have some British-themed camps as well.

We hire North American, British, and French counselors for periods of 4 to 8 weeks between the months of February & October at a variety of locations across France. This is not a language school, but an immersion camp. Therefore, all personnel hired are camp counselors. All recruitment for camp takes place at the centralized camp office, regardless of the program, and uses the same application form.

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We offer 6 English immersion camp programs annually :

– American Village Original camps run from mid-March through August, & the last week of October.
– British Village camps operate in February, & mid-March through July, & the last week of October. (As the name suggests, this camp teaches British English and British culture).
– American Adventure camp takes place in April, July & August.
– My First American Village takes place in July.
– X’treme camp operates in July.
– American Sports camp operates in July.

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