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Business English is our speciality, but we teach all types of English.

We are so confident that we have the right approach for you the first lesson on Skype is FREE.
Here is some information about the teaching methods we use.

Many companies who teach languages concentrate on set courses.
You learn what is in their syllabus in the order they want to teach you.
We have a different approach, we teach you what you want to learn.
If you are a beginner then you will be taught the basics.
If you are intermediate then we will design a course to get you to advanced as quickly as possible.
If you are advanced then we can really help you, especially with Business English.

We teach either individuals or groups, and Companies and Corporations are especially welcome as we can set up a training programme for your staff and teach them what they need to know.

Each lesson has BOTH an ONLINE and OFFLINE element (yes, you get homework)

So you can get started we are offering your first lesson FREE on Skype.

All Courses can be 1 to 1 , Groups or Corporate!

General Courses
1) Beginners: Get a solid foundation, start today. Early conversation and Foundation Grammar.
2) Intermediate: Fill the gaps in your knowledge. Improved Grammar and Confident Conversation.
3) Advanced: Brush up on the areas you need to bring up to the level of your already good standard of English.
4) Business: Learn about specific Business English topics of YOUR CHOICE. We cover a very wide spectrum (see below).

Specific Courses
1) Conversation – This is the Key to fluency
2) Listening – Hear a recording and discuss it with the teacher
3) Reading – Learn to read aloud and faster
4) Speaking – Gain confidence
5) Writing – Practice and learn from your mistakes

Business Topics Include (But are NOT limited to)
1) Emails
2) Letters
3) Presentations
4) Reports
5) Small Talk
6) Telephone Calls

Language courses at Business English Tuition

  • General and Business English courses