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Inocencio Schools began from its humble beginnings back in 1998 with the vision of Mr. Warren B. Inocencio and his wife Mrs. Maribeth P. Inocencio to provide competitive and quality education to the public. The school originally started as a private pre-school (Nursery to Kinder) known as Inocencio School- Montessori Playskool in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Through the years, the institution expanded from a simple play school to Inocencio Integrated School. In compliance with Philippine Educational laws and aligned with global standards, the school offers Pre-School up to 12th grade (Senior High School) education. With this development, graduating students highly benefit from the programs especially those who wish to pursue higher education in foreign universities.

The curriculum of Inocencio School offers a head start to each student as English language is being strongly used as medium of teaching. All grade levels undergo an advanced step-up learning experience or ‘one year ahead’ curriculum which makes the school stand out from others.

The Montessori approach is also applied by the school to allow each student to experience an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and love for learning not only academically but also through creative arts and sports. Electives such as Mandarin language and special summer classes are also offered in the school.

Recognized as one of the most competitive schools in terms of teaching and facilities offered, its reputation is reflected by the evident growth of foreign students as years go by. Korean graduates opened an alumni community café in Korea for fellow graduates so they can keep in touch. As the community grows, Inocencio School constantly provides after-school services through online updates, documents, certificates and other needs.

Currently, Inocencio Integrated School is in the process of acquiring an International School license from COIS. This will ensure that the curriculum will be aligned with the international standards and will be comparable to western counterparts, which will be an advantage to future graduates.

In addition to keeping up to date with the latest innovations in teaching, Inocencio Schools expanded its market through Online Educational Services and formed Inocencio – Learn, Talk, Speak Inc. (I-LTS) in late 2013. I-LTS focuses in offering office based Online English Tutorials to various nationalities worldwide through one-on-one or group class live-streaming. Students vary from kids who would like to learn basic and conversational English to professionals who would like to practice conversational business English for their day to day work. In early 2016, I-LTS expanded through another branch located at South Road Properties, Talisay, Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines.

Annually, the Inocencio School meticulously evaluates, upgrades and continuously improves its teaching style and systems to ensure that quality education is being provided. With the dedication of its teaching and non-teaching staff, it is no longer just a private school that offers quality education but also a second home to students.

Follows the guidance of the Inocencio Schools which offers Online English Tutorials to clients who wish to learn the English language and Speech Development or ‘Speak Easy’ program which will enhance their English speaking abilities.

Our VISION is to provide a quality education services that goes beyond the expectations of our client.
Our Mission is to build long term relationships with our clients and provide excellent education services through advanced technology.

We integrate honesty and integrity in this business and we always believe in treating our customers with the respect that they deserve.

ESL means “English as a second language”. People usually use the word ESL to talk about teaching English to people who do not speak in English. Usually, ESL teaching happens in an English-speaking country. Often, ESL students are people who come to live in an English-speaking countries, and do not speak English very well.

What makes I-LTS stand out from others?
•Our tutors have many years of experience and are well versed in the fundamentals of training any type student, using up-to-date methodologies.
•The teachers have the ability to teach students and professionals alike using strong rapport whether students have basic knowledge of English or none.
•The teachers are perky and highly animated.
•We make sure that classes are informative, fun and educational.
•We provide professional English training through different programs that fit students’ busy schedules.
•Each class has a friendly and comfortable environment.
•Classes are based on prepared materials specifically developed for the need of each student.

Who do we cater to?
•Students (Kids) We teach Basic English and conversational English to students who want to improve their communication skills for use in their future careers.
•Professionals (Adults) We teach conversational and business English to professionals who want to practice and improve their communication skills for use in their daily work especially if their companies are competing globally.
•Others – We also teach those people who just want to practice and simply learn how to communicate using the English language.

Current Partners:
First Future Philippines (China Account)
Linguage (Japanese Account)


Language courses at Inocencio – Learn, Talk, Speak Inc.

  • Basic courses

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    Improves various English skills. Lessons focus on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. It develops the overall command of English in all areas.

  • Business courses

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    This course is designed to widen the knowledge of specific vocabulary in a work context and business situations.

  • Conversational or free talking courses

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    It is a short topic-based English course aimed at improving confidence in speaking.

  • Interview course

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    This course will help the student prepare for and pass a Job interview, promotional interview, University entrance interview or any kinds of English Interview.