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Learn English with Groupetude.

Our intensive programs will help you progress quickly, feel confident, and want to show off your new skills!

Why us?

With all our lessons online, you no longer need to choose between you professional responsibilities and learning a new language. 
Choose a time table that fits your busy schedule.​
Our programs are designed to engage in deliberate practice, leading to real results.​​


Learn to comfortably communicate in your target language without leaving your home or office.
Meet like-minded people who are also looking to improve their skills.
Practice your target language using material taken from original sources; goodbye exercise books! ​

How often?

Sign up today for a month long or a semester long program to improve or nurture your language skills.
3 lessons per week (in groups of 3 to 6). 
You can also choose one on one lessons, adapted to your specific needs.​

How we work:

– Take out an online course subscription and attend at least 3 short lessons per week.
– Unlimited participation in our workshops and webinars.
– We focus on a different theme or mini theme each week.
– All of our resources are original and created by us!
– No homework and no boring worksheets!
– Small groups of 3 to 6 learners.

Our philosophy: hone your skills through deliberate practice!

– intentional practice of a specific skill during each session
– 100% focus on speaking and communication skills
– immediate feedback
– time for reflection and refinement.

By learning English with us, you will really hone your communication skills and build up your confidence.

One week free trial! Contact us today for more information and a free level assessment.

Language courses at Groupetude

  • English Immersion Online

    Course length

    Course price
    180€ per month

    More info
    3 lessons per week.
    Unlimited access to our workshops and webinars.

  • Mini Pack Online

    Course length

    Course price
    33€ per month

    More info
    Attend as many workshops and webinars as you wish with our mini subscription plan!