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Spanish Panama teaches English and Spanish as second languages in Panama. All teachers are trained professionals and do classes online anywhere in the world or at offices in Panama City.
Programs are flexible and classes are for all language levels.

We are “Spanish Panama Language School.” We have 20 years of experience as a language school in the Republic of Panama, and we have 20 years of excellent reviews from students and businesses from within Panama and from around the world. Furthermore, we are featured on the best tourist and language school review sites.

Virtual Spanish classes
We can teach you Spanish, and we can teach you about Panamanian and Latin culture before you travel to Panama or Latin America.
We can teach you Spanish with online classes, and if you choose, you may continue the same program at our school in Panama in person with our teachers at no extra cost.

We also teach Spanish and English at homes, hotels, and businesses in Panama, as well as online and at our school.

Virtual English classes
We also teach English to people wanting to learn English and hope someday to travel or work in the English-speaking world.
We also give conversational lessons with a local English speaker to people who want to learn more about Panama using the English language.

Our past Spanish language students have been very pleased with not only learning the language but also learning how to adapt to and re-locate in Panamanian and Latin cultures.
And as far as the English language students; more success in navigating life and work in the USA, Canada, & other places in the English-speaking world.
Contact us, and we will present to you some of our 20-year history showing 5-STAR student satisfaction, and we guarantee the same excellence in service.

Tell us as much as you can about your language level and needs, and we help you pick the teacher most suitable for you. Many of our teachers have been with us for more than 10 years, and all have good hearts, and passion for teaching.

Our cancellation policy is important to note: You may cancel classes or change schedules with us without penalty. The only requirement is that 24-hour notice has to be given by message. You may also change teachers without penalty, though 96% of our students are very happy and stay with the first teacher that they are given.

Our home school & offices are at Via Argentina in Panama City.
Contact us if you have any more questions or would like to see our student reviews and websites.

We especially recommend our 50-hour ‘Flex Package’ as these classes are ‘1 to 1’. In this way, you will get more personalized attention and progress faster. Sometimes, if you like, classes are taken outside, on-site, so that the student can practice in real-life situations. Our team of teachers and staff are focused totally only on your own particular learning style and needs.

In our in school Spanish programs, several teachers may be put with one student in different classes so that better attention can be given to the student’s learning style. We are open to student’s suggestions as to what he/she likes or which teacher or combination of teachers he/she prefers. Most of our teachers are bilingual and from different Latin countries as well as Panama so that the student benefits from having teachers with different accents & cultural experiences.

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  • 50 hour FLEX

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