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“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”

We offer many programs for the students to practice their English Language. These programs are based on LSIA’s programs itself and programs due to the membership of People To People International. Language Schools In Albania’s students have the possibility to communicate with Native English teachers, who come to teach in a scheduled time at LSIA to help our students not only learn the English language grammar but also to make them speak fluently and gain confidence in their daily communication. 70 students from our Language Schools in Berat, Struga (Macedonia), Koplik and Gramsh are communicating with students of 11-13 years of age from a junior school in America. Their communication will continue for the year 2011 and stronger with more students in 2012. New pen pals will start this program for the upcoming months with Britain.

These programs are organized on an annual basis, and for those students who are interested in joining these activities, we would recommend visiting our Calendar page. Students from LSIA in Tirana will be notified of upcoming events from their teachers.

Language courses at LISA Learning

  • Online English Video Lessons

    Course length
    6 month course

    Course price
    from $115

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    LISA LEARNING is the place where you can not only learn English in a professional way but for those who already have a certain level of English, they can improve their grammar, pronunciations, converse on daily bases and make yourself understood, as well as prepares you to study abroad where English is the main language.


  • English for Kids

    Course length
    Monthly to lifetime course

    Course price
    From $1.99

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    Kids Zone is a specially designed area that uses great cartoons and fun-filled activities that build on LISA Learning education to make learning automatic, fun and natural.

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    Numbers and math