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Advaith International Academy is the leading school in Hosur located just 35 kilometres away from Bangalore. With classes from Kindergarten through Grade 12, the school houses over 1350 students and teachers from across India. The school was founded in the year 2012 and inaugurated by then Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri Konijeti Rosaiah who also served as the Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Governor of Karnataka and a Member of the Indian Parliament. It was a first for Hosur to receive a Governor since Indian Independence.

Advaith provides first-class liberal education, the school cherishes its past while looking firmly to the future with an approach to education that is innovative and dynamic. As the world faces the challenges of the 21st Century, Advaith’s aim is to create happy, successful, independent young global citizens, who thrive on new experiences and are able to pursue their goals with confidence with the help of diverse teaching community at Advaith who hail from over 13 states across India

The goal of Advaith is to improve student achievement on various disciplines ranging from academics, arts, leadership and sports. We are determined to contribute globally by creating global leaders and entrepreneurs who can be prepared by a well-thought-out schooling program lead by visionaries.

Language courses at Advaith International Academy

  • English