Help your child improve their English with DECLA Academy

Individual learning plan for students in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. We offer one-on-one tutoring and small group classes with interesting ESL materials. We have comprehensive courses for all age groups and live interactive learning materials via Zoom. Become a member and get 21% discount on General English courses. We also offer IELTS, TOEFL exam preparation and conversation classes.

Learning plans are automatically generated based on the results of the placement test. Digital homework assignments are available to reinforce learning. In addition, a student management system is in place to track student progress. We focus on communicative approach in teaching and provide ample student support and feedback.

Our professional teachers are ready to teach using a digital whiteboard and interactive classroom with dictionary, translator and pronunciation tools. At DECLA, our goal is to provide your child with a positive and interesting learning experience that brings about results.

Sign up for a free trial lesson. The first lesson is absolutely free. It’s a perfect chance for the parents and student to get to know the teacher. It is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the student goals and learning difficulties to make sure we provide a customized learning plan to meet the student’s needs.

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