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The International Sharing School of Oeiras was incorporated in 2018, previously known as Colégio Taguspark (an all Portuguese school). The school is located in Oeiras Valley, at Taguspark, an innovative science and technology park.
− As of 2018, the school shifted from a Portuguese curriculum to an international curriculum (based in the IB program). The International Sharing School aims to be one of the few schools to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Portugal, currently implementing the Early Years Programme, the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme.
− The International Sharing School of Oeiras is one of the schools managed by the Multicultural Sharing Foundation – MSFound, a non- profit organization that focusses in the educational sector.
− The MSFound was incorporated in October 2013, and its executive board is composed of 3 members, each one with different backgrounds, specialised in Hospitality Management, Finance and Marketing.
− With many years of experience in the sector of premium international education, the management team has been leading the development of the international school in Madeira Island (the sister company of the International Sharing School of Oeiras), developing education models that promote academic excellence, focusing on the development of soft skills. The management team was able to create a healthy mix of the Hospitality concepts linked to Education, achieving a high-level o satisfaction by their costumers.

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  • International baccalaureate