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We are a wonderful school based in NY. Having started out in Italy, all of our students continued with us in an online platform since our move to NY eight years ago.

We have a large group of existing students; you can join in based on the age of your child (from 5-18, grouped appropriately by age) or adult conversation, or you can take private lessons. We are extremely flexible and work in a way that is interesting to our students. We work through example and discussion and we engage our students and welcome their suggestions.

We also offer various clubs that people are welcome to join. From book club, movie club, art and science and tv and current events, we have many clubs you may be interested in. We can meet several times a week or just once; we will work with you to meet your needs and get you speaking English in no time!

We are more like a family – we truly love our students! We also offer the possibility of a cultural exchange and host exchange students for three weeks every summer (often our own students but anyone is welcome).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Do you want to learn through conversation, activity, interesting subjects? Our English lessons do not feel like lessons, they teach you in a way that everyone enjoys and because of this we have retained all of our students and grown exponentially. We would love to welcome you to our group!