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Welcome to Greentree Communication’s Online ESL Training page!
Our ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are done the most efficient and fun way possible – one on one! One student, one teacher, and lots of real-world conversation practice. If you are in business, at school, or just want to make your English speaking and writing better, we are here to help! Greentree’s team of 3 professional linguists has taught many people over the years, and have the testimonials to prove it. We will evaluate you for free and put you in the exact level you need to be in to learn the fastest and best way.

We are proudly Canadian (so you KNOW we will be nice when we help you!), and based in the beautiful and multicultural city of Montreal, but we teach worldwide!

Greentree also can help you with all your written English needs – for over 13 years we have helped companies look and sound their best on web pages, company documents, manuscripts – English writing of all kinds. We have excellent rates for that service as well. Please look at our ‘Try Us Free’ web page ( for a free evaluation.

Bruce Baldwin
Chief English-language teacher and editor
514.562.2996 – call me if you have any questions!

Language courses at Greentree Communications

  • English one-on-one courses for adults

    Course length
    Depending on the student’s needs

    Course price
    Variable, depending on the level and length of the course

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    At Greentree we will work with YOUR schedule, and because the course is online you can arrange the best time for you to take it! Our courses are flexible, so each level can be longer or shorter depending on YOUR needs!