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Real School Budapest is a new English language, international primary school located in Budapest, Hungary. Engaging in real life projects, students gain the mindsets, knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a fast-changing future, and to build a better world.

“Real life learning” involves students in real-world activities to find their passions, develop their skills and to learn about our world and themselves. We believe that the best way to prepare for the real world is to be fully engaged with it now. “For a sustainable world” stands for our ultimate ambition of helping our learners build a healthy future for themselves, their communities and the planet.

Through a diverse yet like-minded community, immersion in nature, and hands-on experiences, kids will develop a deep understanding of their abilities to create positive change at a very young age. The school will ultimately be an innovation studio, where high-tech and no-tech makerspaces, student enterprises, arts projects and collaboration with external partners will all serve the purpose of learning and doing, contributing to the development of learners’ entrepreneurial mindset and a feeling of social responsibility.

We are awaiting families who share our belief that education needs to be a force for good. The school welcomes kids ages 6-13 and the goal is to grow into a high school in the coming years.

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