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Whether you are an international student, a recent immigrant, or a native English speaker, expressing yourself in formal edited English is an essential skill, and for many people, a significant challenge. Good writing requires accurate grammar, a broad range of lexical resources, logical structures, and effective use of rhetorical devices. Over the past twenty years, I have helped many hundreds of students with these aspects of academic writing in my seminars at universities in Canada and abroad. Now, at Square School, you too can learn to write with clarity, force, and logic, hallmarks of mature academic prose.

Professor MacDonald helped me greatly with my academic writing skills. His help was vital when I was trying to complete my M.A. thesis. HIs lessons were well planned and organized, yet fun and interesting and always had a clear objective. I found Professor MacDonald to be an excellent teacher and would highly recommend his seminars to anyone working to improve their English writing.
— Stuart Jones, UK

Ian MacDonald taught me English writing for academic papers. He was a fantastic teacher. He is able to explain complicated concepts clearly and make subjects like grammar very interesting. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had.
— Tim Yackley, USA

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