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We are a language center based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, catering towards English mastery for all levels of learners. From 6 year old, to primary, to secondary, to adults, there’s a class for everyone. Our sessions aren’t only during regular school weeks, but also during week long school breaks as we do also offer a wide variety of Holiday Course programs.

Our motto is “More Than Just English” as we try to approach our lessons in ways that are not only about the reading and writing of English, but also the application and usage of it in our daily lives. At our center, students are guided to do more with English through various activities such as singing, presentations, communication practice, field trips and even cooking sessions!

The majority of our primary and secondary students attend our two hour Saturday sessions called “Interactive English for Youngsters” as it is most convenient for them to do so on that day. As for adult students, they undergo the “English At Work” programs that can be arranged at various timings, according to the availability of the person requesting the sessions.

We do also offer practice and preparation sessions for candidates who will be taking English based exams or tests such as MUET, TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS.

For more info, don’t hesitate to contact us at +6012-2055337 or +60133613072. Hope to hear from you soon!

Language courses at The Living Classrooms

  • Interactive English for Youngsters (IYE)

    Course length
    20 Saturdays per semester

    More info
    English classes for Primary and Secondary students.
    Primary : 7-12 year old.
    Secondary: 13-17 year old.


  • English At Work

    Course length
    40 hours long

    More info
    A program catered towards the unique needs of working adults for their work environment, covering writing, speech, presentation and other fields.

    Sessions can be done individually or in groups, which is the more recommended option.