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A little Information about us…
Thank you in advance for your trust in our services. Larisa and I have been teaching English together in Nikolaev for nearly five years now. Collectively with our staff of 10, we’ve taught English to many students in the classroom and at remote locations all over the city of Nikolaev as well as on-line for private and corporate clients. I’m from California,
Larisa is from Ukraine. We opened Larisa School of Language and Adult Education Center in November 2008 with just one thought in mind, teach the best English, Russian and Ukrainian possible. To do that, we have continually grown utilizing modern facilities and
educational resources.

Assessing a Students Language Abilities…
Before students actually begin learning English with a teacher, the student undergoes several areas of language assessment. The initial grammar test is used to determine a students basic knowledge of grammar. The speaking and reading testing let’s us assess a students fluency and pronunciation ability. The vocabulary assessment tells us the size of a students vocabulary bank. The grammar terminology assessment tells us the students ability to comprehend and explain
grammar usage. Other areas of assessment include the students education, type of profession, length of previous language study in primary school and a secondary education if any. The process of evaluating a students language abilities is always fun and informative for everyone.

Students Goals and Expectations…
Once a students language assessment is complete, now it’s time to learn a little about the students needs and time frame for learning English. Understanding a students goals and daily schedule to attend lessons is first and foremost for studying, learning and attending English lessons. Tailoring the perfect learning schedule, English level and understanding the students expectations is the final step in determining the best course of action and schedule for each individual.

How Students Study Language at our School…
We teach the best English in Nikolaev at all levels. Often, Larisa and I teach together offering the best learning experience anywhere. Using every method from our Interactive White-board and Movie Room, writing, electronic media, video, Internet resources, electronic flashcards, accent elimination, English lab, audio recordings as well as native English speakers and teachers. Our primary goal is to teach the best English in Ukraine based on each students individual short term needs and long term goals.

SkypeFreeEnglish, On-line or in our School…
English and Russian lessons can be taken in our school in Nikolaev or on-line from anywhere in the world. Skype lessons are a great way to learn language from your home or office. Many students who live in Nikolaev, learn English from a combination of in-class lessons and On-line By Skype. Students living and working in Nikolaev find it extremely convenient to take lessons on-line with Skype especially when the weather is poor or getting to an in-school lesson is difficult due to other reasons for a delay. Students studying Russian and Ukrainian also take lessons by Skype from many countries around the world as well as at our school in Nikolaev. Our professional teachers teach on-line lessons with a variety of methods and teaching tools.

Russian, Ukrainian or English Programs…
Many students living in Ukraine and Russia take scheduled English lessons using our Skype learning programs. We also use other teaching websites to utilize business English and teaching resources. No matter where a student lives or works, taking English, Russian or Ukrainian by
Skype is always an effective way to learn and speak quickly. Many teaching materials have been created by our staff with the help of students, teachers and other academic experts.

Free Flashcards Created by Professionals…
Our exclusive Flash Card learning library is at Russian English Flashcards with new flashcards add

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I come and visit your school anytime?
A. Yes, you are always welcome to visit our offices and classrooms anytime.

Q. Can I bring a friend to my group lesson?
A. Yes, of course. Just invite your friend the next time you come to your lesson.

Q. How often are group lessons?
A. Most group lessons ate twice a week.

Q. Do I have to buy books to attend my lessons?
A. We ask that all full course students purchase classroom books.

Q. Why are your prices so reasonable?
A. We want to offer the most value for every student attending our school.

Q. Must I pay for the entire course before I start learning?
A. No. We prefer payment monthly, but you can pay any way you wish.

Q. Do you offer a free introductory lesson?
A. Yes, in fact, you may take your first 30 minute lesson completely free.

Q. Do you have an English book library? Can I take a book home to read?
A. Yes, we have a great library of books and magazines.

Q. Why do so many people recommend Larisa School of Language?
A. Years of teaching, professionalism and happy students. It’s simple!

Q. Why are your websites so informative with great grammar and information?
A. We believe only the best language school will take the time to help students learn for free.

Q. Why is English Club on Saturdays always free of charge?
A. A successful language school should always give back to the community.

Q. Who attends Larisa School of Language?
A. Business people, students, IT professionals, Doctors, Lawyers and more.

Q. Does your school teach children?
A. Yes, we teach many children on an individual basis..

Q. Do you teach American English?
A. Our experienced teachers teach British and American English.

Q. Can I come and just practice my spoken English with a teacher?
A. Yes, we offer many programs for spoken English.

Q. Do you have native American English speaking teachers?
A. Yes, our American teachers teach grammar as well as spoken English.

Q. How much experience do your Native American teachers have?
A. Our American teachers have a combined 10,000 hours of teaching.

Q. How do you test new students before the course begins?
A. All new students must take a grammar test to determine their level.

Q. Are there other tests I must take besides the grammar test?
A. This all depends on each student, but often, yes.

Q. Do you prepare students for the IELTS and other exams?
A. Yes, we assist students prepare for many exams.

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