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Founded in September 2014, our school is located in Santos (6 minutes walk from Cais do Sodré), in the heart of downtown Lisbon. The school area is close to the river and easy to reach from all parts of the city of Lisbon.
In the majority of language schools, students speak and listen only 25% of the lesson. In the remaining 75% is spent copying what the teacher explains or writes.
However, at Lisbon Language Café we use a teaching methodology that allows students to hear and speak throughout the entire lesson.
This is a very effective way to improve the learning-teaching process.
Students start speaking Portuguese from the first day, using the language as the only means of communication and applying it during the whole session.
We deliver our lessons in the center of Lisbon and our sessions consist of enthusiastic conversations lead by native teachers in groups of 1 to 4 students (maximum).
At Lisbon Language Cafe students will meet new people at each session and will also improve their fluency in that language that has been rusty for such a long time.

Our teaching methodology
How many hours have students spent solving grammar activities in a foreign language? How about reading texts and books? Despite all of that, do students feel comfortable and fluent every time they want to speak with a native speaker? The answer is NO.
At Lisbon Language Café we have something new and different for students! We are focused on improving their conversational skills, making them more effective communicators! We invite all students to come and experience our method through an experimental lesson and draw their own conclusions!

Language courses at Lisbon Language Café

  • Portuguese from Scratch (Level A1 and A2)

    Course length
    2 weeks intensive course

    Course price

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    Number of students: 2 to 5
    Cost: 250€ [it includes FREE ACCESS to our Podcasts and Quizzes (E-learning platforms) and all the materials].
    Address: rua do Instituto Industrial number 18, floor 3, right door – Santos


  • Private Classes

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    Teacher will adapt the method and the topics to students’ goals and interests. Lessons will be, to some extent, customised. We use a large element of questions-answer activities.