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Learn English in Ireland, the friendliest country in the world
The importance of English is increasing rapidly and with this, English courses demand is also increasing. The reason behind this is that English serves to be one amongst the main international languages. Its demand has increased because of growing International trade travel and commerce, globalization etc. Ireland has a strong reputation for its culture, hospitality and wonderful scenery making it very popular among tourists. English is the main language spoken in Ireland and this fact, combined with its reputation makes it the best destination for learning English while staying abroad.

One of the common questions is, why is Ireland chosen by most foreign students when there are several English speaking countries. One of the main reasons it attracts students to learn English in Ireland is the hospitality of the people. The role of the host family in Ireland is really important as they are the ones providing the student with the experience of Irish family life and culture. They create an atmosphere for the student to enjoy the experience while they are away from home.

Another major factor why students opt to learn English in Ireland is its EU membership that allows students from other EU countries students to easily visit Ireland without any complications such as visas.
Students are also fascinated by literary tradition and the historical heritage of Ireland. In Ireland, there are many English courses available throughout the country. However, in recent years there has been a move toward immersion where students learn English in Ireland by living with an Irish Host Family. The host family network is not just located in Dublin city but also in Limerick, Galway and Cork having a range of English programmes, schools and summer camps. When you stay with a Host family in Ireland you can add cultural and sports activities like golf, horse riding, fishing, rugby etc. with English courses.

There are several other choices available for the students. For instance, they can spend time enjoying the Irish landscape by staying on a farm and learning English. When the child stays with a welcoming host family in Ireland, he/she gets the chance to breathe, sleep and eat in the Irish culture (English language) as part of total language immersion.

While staying with the family hosting your stay, the approach to learn English in Ireland is an immersive approach offering a fun, relaxed environment and accelerated learning for the student.
The reason for learning the language here may be, preparation for some exam or passion for improving the language skills. Booking your trip with a host family in Ireland is also great value, as you cut out many of the costs traditionally associated with language travel. Compared to language agencies or schools, it is much more cost efficient as no middleman is involved, taking extra fees. Students get a chance to practice their English continuously when they stay with a host family in Ireland making it an immersive learning experience.

Your learning is supported by the host family and you get a welcoming environment in which they offer a genuine window into the culture in Ireland. You can make most of the stay by getting to know about the host family and their interest in advance of arriving in Ireland. This is achieved by communicating with your host family before your trip starts with the host family in Ireland.

If you are interested in giving your child the experience of a lifetime in an environment where they can improve their English, contact hebe Adventures – https://sim.hebeadventures.com/student_inquiries/create

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