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At EnglishToGo we want students to learn to speak, read and write English QUICKLY and EASILY. We believe in student centred learning rather than teacher focused learning. We are all about students taking control of their own learning and being interested in learning- so that they are able to help themselves to succeed. We use modern teaching techniques and our own unique courseware! We incorporate grammar into simple and fun conversation based courseware. Please try a free demo class with us to see for yourself how with these method students can be confident English speakers quickly. With only one hour a week studying in paid classes! We want you to take away these methods with you! That is what the name EnglishToGO is about. We truly want you to go away knowing that you are capable and can help yourself. Our classes are all online and in groups of three or six- we believe these class sizes to be the best for the teaching methods and courseware that we use. We offer a modern, fresh and affective course that we want to share with you. Please book a class to try us! We look forward to speaking with you!

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