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There are millions of Language Schools in the World. But, they all teach with same old techniques, grammar-based teaching.
At Sevi’s School, students learn how to communicate fluently with other Nations. Grammar must be the support part while teaching English. Communication is the core goal the teacher must achieve injecting it into her/his students. While building the fluency in the students’ speeches, grammar will play a secondary role.
I keep hearing from non-native speakers how they are great at written communication but lack dramatically in oral communication. Pronunciation plays an important role in English. If you know all the grammar rules but cannot understand others when they speak in English, your grammar won’t help you. However, if you have a great accent but make some grammar mistakes while speaking English, you can still get your words across and build a flowing communication with others.
We help our students connect with their international leads more authentically by anticipating their clients’ needs and delivering their message with ease.

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Tailored English
Conquer Your Stage
Brush Up Your Pronunciation
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World – This Course is for companies which are willing to invest in their staff to create more connection among them.

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